101 free games #4: toblo!

Toblo is the bastard love-child of Quake I CTF, the National Film Board Of Canada’s classic BLOCK CITY, and the music of the Postal Service.  Hott.

You’re trying to capture all 3 of the bad guy’s flags – and all your have for weapons are the blocks that make up the game world, which is run with loving precision by a home-brew physics engine.  By the end of a game, the bases are rubble, the towers have collapsed, and it’s all down to who can throw blocks better, run faster, and double-jump higher.

The presentation is light, fluffy, and twee – you’ll almost certainly get sick of the voice shouting “Toblo!” at bootup, but the art is perfect for the game – it’s easy to tell when things will fall down, and it’s easy to see what block your character is going to pick up.  And the gameplay itself is exceptional.  Now I just need to convince people to play it with me…