2012: singles of the year

And this year I barely DJ’d at all; so it goes. With that said, there were some tunes kicking around that stood right out.

Locussolus – Berghain (Darkroom Mix)
I didn’t take this track seriously until I heard it live, on a big system…at which point it almost made me fall over. It does almost nothing, for 10 minutes, and is totally vital just the same.

TF – Dark Hearts with Sasha’s Song Told
No idea. I was referenced to this via a SoundCloud account that I can’t find any more…so you’ll just have to trust me that it combines everything good about dance music into one four-minute monster.

(20220 edit:  This is NYC’s own Total Freedom, of course)

Py – Lungs
That’s Mr. FitzGerald, to you. Deep, rolling, and lush lush lush lush lush.

Honorable mentions to Caribou’s remix of Junior Boy – You’ll Improve Me, Carl Craig remixing Friendly Fires – Hurting, Shake remixing Don Froth – Reflex, the insaaane Say My Name remix by Cyril Hahn, and, of course, Ima Read by Zebra Katz