das affekt

I posted ages ago about a music interface built on lego…and I ended up doing it for school last year, using duplo:

As you can hopefully see, each block gets a chord symbol.  Other blocks include repeat signs, instruments, keys, note values, etc.  There are no rules defining what it does:  putting a I next to a V might mean one thing to one composer, and a different thing to another.

Two things I want to look into in my computer science classes this year are encryption and networking.  Encryption should help my idea of digital music that you can play only once.  This is, on the one hand, pure DRM, which sucks.  On the other hand, it might restore some of the lack of perceived value that has been caused by the digitization of music.  And it might be a neat project.  Is it possible to write zeros over a file that you’re reading?  It must be.

Networking will hopefully teach me how to make my automatic, underground BitTorrent network (a good thing no one reads this blog, or I might be giving something away, hurr hurr hurr).  It’s going to be called BROADCAST, and it will slowly download music to your music folder, in a “Where did this Bach come from?” sort of way.