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Vancouver Restaurant Summer, 2008 Edition:
FINCH’S, Pender & Richards


GUU, Gastown

CLOVE, Commercial Drive


KAPPA, White Rock


KHAI, Seymour & Robson

SIMBA’S, Denman

(I also want to talk about some books and comics and suchlike)

PHONOGRAM is really good, and speaks to the raver / ex-raver in me.  Gillien and McKelvie are talking about the heat-death of scene, and when that’s good and when that’s bad.  It’s a good comic to read as techno lurches and heaves towards another one of its demises.  DARWINIA is so so close to being an amazing sci-fi / alt history novel about religion and science and miracles…and then Robert Charles Wilson goes and pours on the techno-nonsense and it all goes to hell.  ANNA MERCURY, by Warren Ellis, is going somewhere, and I’m not sure where, and I like that.  Will be following it, probably in trades, like DOKTOR SLEEPLESS.  I’ve not been feeling FREAKANGELS as much, but it’s free, so who can complain?  Finally, I can’t belive that I’ve not mentioned Jonathan Hickman’s PAX ROMANA yet, because it’s beautiful and amazing.  Image have managed to delay the living hell out of it, but #3 claims to be coming in October.