glass is coming

I need to geek out about science fiction technology for a bit, sorry.

I am surprised at all the commentary about how people won’t want to use Google’s black-magic Glass because of fashion concerns and catty rants about nerds. The reasons to not use Glass and similar tech are panoptical reasons and privacy reasons, not anything about aesthetics. (And here’s the nice Verge article)

This tech will be built into contact lenses within a decade, tops. The processing power will be in something like a necklace, which will probably include a throat mic for subvocalizations. Gear like Myo will be built into clothing for gestural control. Then this gear will be built into your body, and then we’ll really have something amazing and/or scary. This is a thing that is going to happen: anyone who thinks otherwise will be in for a shock. What it will do to our society is another matter.