lost another one

Very few people warrant use of the phrase “Rest In Peace”. I think that Kurt Vonnegut was one of them. He was 84, and was like Mark Twain mixed up with Ray Bradbury, shaken with Hemingway, garnished with golden age science fiction, and poured into a glass made out of the human condition.

Such a hypothetical glass would, invariably, end up melting due to the hidden warmth of its contents. So it goes.

If you’ve not read at least his collection of short stories, WELCOME TO THE MONKEY HOUSE , you may not qualify for the human race. If you are not of the human race, reading Vonnegut will probably teach you how to be. Other recommendations include SLAUGHTER HOUSE FIVE, CAT’s CRADLE and GOD BLESS YOU MR. ROSEWATER.

You will be missed, Kurt.