perc & fractal – up [KOMPAKTEX52]

Dropping August 6th: Perc Mix. Original Mix.

Oh god, and the label copy is just amazing:

Return of the MEAN!
With Speicher 52, the brutish returns to the clubs. Perc & Fractal unleashed a sabre-toothed tiger of a track on us Everybody who’s familiar with Mr Perc’s oeuvre so far knows what we’re dealing with here.

Apart from plenty of crackers on his own Perc Trax label, he’s well known for being a close relative to James Holden’s Border Community. Metaphorically spoken, we could say that he’s Holden’s vile cousin. “Up”, his first cooperation with Fractal is based on a reckless synth line that – like the title suggests – seems to tweak higher and higher over its 7.5 minutes course. It drills spirally to right where it hurts most. On the other hand, the beat pretends to be just slick, smart and sexy. But we wouldn’t recommend you to trust its peaceful surface too much… There’s something evil lurking beyond!

For the flipside we complied to numerous requests from the CIA and developed an extended torture tool. Played at high volume we guarentee that it’s way more effective than anything Jack Bauer could ever do. Awesome acoustic thumbscrew!