Fractal - Up [Kompakt Extra]
Fractal - The Flowers Preach [a:Loud]
Russian Linesman - Talon (Fractal's Eagle-Claw Interpretation) [Tide Pool]
Babyl-Tr0n - Responsibility [Perc Trax]
Fractal - Save vs. Wands [Tide Pool]
The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Fractal Remix) []
Fractal - Soft Places []
Fractal - Mistroad [Tide Pool]
AFK - Eclipse (Fractal's Transit of Venus) [Pacific Front]
Royal Assassin - Timing & Precision (Fractal's Dark Ritual) [Inaspace]
Viking 2 - Lander Science Data []
Viking 2 - Space Flight []
Digital Witchcraft - Fingerpaint (Fractal Remix) [Proton]
Fractal - Oceanography [Pacific Front]
Fractal - Fightmagicitem [Primal]
Libra - Calling Your Name (Fractal Will Call You Back) []
Fractal - Steppin' Razor [Tide Pool]
Limbo - Pioneer (Fractal's Verb-Tool) [Tide Pool]
Dustin H - Receive The Light (Fractal's Photons Are Data Mix) [Pacific Front]
Fractal - Alchemy With You In Mind [Mmmph]
Rennie Foster - A Commitment To Transit (A SkyTrain Ride With Fractal) [Gemini]
Russian Linesman - Gerdur (Fractal Mini-mix) [Mmmph]
Caleb Fox - Peachmaster (A Remix To Bring The Sun) [Mmmph]
How Can You Tell - The Dreamer From The Dream [Tide Pool]
Fractal - The Tiger [Tide Pool]