various things

– Just bought The Field’s new album, FROM HERE WE GO SUBLIME, and it’s 1001 shades of lovely.

– Also got Lusine’s remix collection, PODGELISIM. It’s not as blatantly lovely, but it covers vastly more ground, with remixes from Apparat, Tejada, Lusine himself, and so on.

– Tried out the demo for PEACEMAKER. It’s not a simple game. I like it a lot. May drop the $20 on the full version.

– Been reading DMZ, which is amazing, and the LENSMAN series, which is so 1950’s-pulp as to be astonishing. Can’t recommend DMZ enough. LENSMAN is worth reading if you’re into the history of sci-fi like me.

– Finally, I made my first project in SCRATCH. I need to make it visually better, so other people can user it ,and then I’ll post it up. It’s a ‘guess-the-tone’ toy, designed to teach me basic pitch recognition.