vote for music

….a quick list of songs and artists that delight me at the moment:

1 – Trentmoller. I’m at least 6 months behind the times on the love for everyone’s favorite Dane, but though his prior work impressed me, it never grabbed me and told me that I had to love it. Now, however, his remix of ‘We Share Our Mother’s Health’, by The Knife, and his remix of ‘Les Djinns’, by Djuma Soundsystem have pretty much made convinced me that’s he’s awesome.

2 – Ed MacFarlane. His ‘Modelwork’ EP for Precinct is the sort of thing that I want to take to bed and ravish over and over and over and over again. Eeerm.

3 – Danny Bonnici – ‘Return To Saturn’. Just fantaaastic deep progressive stuff. The best example of that old Digweed / Sasha rolling hypno/prog/house/ sound in a long time.

4 – Henrik B – ‘Logos’. This is an older one that came out on Truesoul, maybe a year ago, that I just tracked down. It’s lush and Detroit and generally beautiful in all ways.