week 24

– At the recommendation of the all-knowing, all-seeing Christopher Butterfield, I got a copy of James Gleick’s THE INFORMATION, which I promptly devoured. The more I read about data, the more I want to know about DNA.

– Went to three of the MISQA concerts at McGill: I am on the one hand worried about the state of string repertoire, when these quartets are playing basically the same things that were played last year…and on the other hand, happy to see performers of such excellent quality. Special outs to the Noga quartet for playing a damn fine Ligeti I.

Beatport is selling mixes, and has probably been doing so for a while – shows how much time I spend on Beatport. Nevertheless, this represents a culmination of sorts: Beatport now has everything. This is news both amazing and depressing, both the end of the frustration of digging, and the end of the deep joy of digging and hustling.


– My man Albert Santoni of Oscillicious has dropped Songstarter: an in-browser jam station. Highly recommended.

– I am working on half an octect called HAMADRYAD. It’s about trees, and trees, and is sort of structurally odd.

– Met the casually scintillating Erin Gee, am working on some Max/MSP hacking for her biofeedback piece. More on that as it breaks!