where we at

Projects, at the 1/4 way of the summer:
– RINGETTE, for sax & electronics, is done. Sounds like Berio.
– ABJURATION, for flute & marimba, is totally drafted, pending player approval in the fall. Think lite Ferneyhough.
– BABA YAHA, for bassoon and piano and loops, has a first section and form. Writing like Tchaikovsky is hard.

– ELEVEN, a small chiptune suite, is 1/3 of the way done, for the year,
TH TMPST is well concepted, some analysis has been done. Needs lots of work.
– Considering a project called GIRLS DANCE TO THIS MUSIC, will probably hold off on that for a bit.

– ALL MY FRIENDS MISS ME has been started. It’s a pretty self-explanatory mix tape.

– Serato statistics tracking is at 0.1 or so: some things work, more can be done, and then
– LYRETTE, a chord progression improv tool, built in Max, is at 0.001.

– Figuring out what I want to do with my life: 15%.

Lots to do!