wii wiill rock you.

Let me be perfectly clear here, from the start. The single best part of Nintendo’s masterful new console is in fact, the multitude of awful puns you can make with it’s name. Wii-volution, Wii-mote, Wii-diculous, Wii-markable, and so on. Love it.

Of course, the next best thing about the Wii is that it totally changes how video games and interactive media are played, leaves Sony and Microsoft gasping in its wake, and instantly returns Nintendo to the unquestioned top of the console pile. I cannot stress enough how much fun this machine is, nor can I do justice to the reactions it garnered from a collection of hardened, cynical people who have been playing video games for their whole lives. The Wii is awesome, in the most exact sense of the word.

At the very least, Nintendo have the perfect cult hit on their hands, especially with the library of old games. At the very most, Nintendo have fundamentally and completely changed how video games and “interactive media” are played and perceived, ushered in the first steps towards virtual reality, broken the arms race of graphic processing power, created dozens upon dozens of new game concepts, and so on. The significance of the Wii cannot be overstated.