zap pow thwak

Things that amaze me:

VAMP (from MIT, natch) is maybe the best and most expressive ‘digital extend technique’.  It involves a glove, a vocalist, a laptop, and a gesture-based control system that doesn’t make the user look ridiculous.  Serious business.

World Wants To Know is a list of almost-real-time searches from rural areas of the world.  How often do you google goat disease and banana farming?

Music From A Tree is exactly what it sounds like.

Cubie and Overbug are two delightful interfaces for roughly loop-based.  One is like Tetris, one is like…well, a series of semi-concentric circles with bugs moving around them, triggering sounds.  A bad simile there, sorry.

Finally, The Rock Band Network, care of the serious people at Harmonix, is mind-boggling, and will launch at least one band’s career.  Bet on it.