zelazny & gaiman, gaiman & zelazny

One is dead, one is alive. One was Polish, (but wrote Greeks, Indians, and Englishmen) , one is English, but has a knack for writing immortals and Americans….as well as screenplays, comics, children’s books, and so on. More importanly, they both share an uncanny knack for myth and population in their writing – that is to say, you finish a book (or comic, film, and so on) that they did, and your first thought is “But what about the rest of the world! What about the rest of the characters? What about New York? (in This Immortal) – What about Death and Delirium? (in Sandman) – What about Tak and the witches in the east? (in Lord Of Light) – What about the monsters in the rest of the city? (in Mirrormask).”

You, poor reader, are left desperately hoping for more. Isn’t that a shame?

Neil lives here. Roger lives on here. If you read any one thing by either of them, read Lord of Light and all of Sandman. But then you’ll have to read them again. And then you’ll probably need to know more…