2009: sets of the year

I could write about these for days, but here are the standouts of the standouts:

Best Reason To Go Out: Kenzie Clarke – NYPD

A masterpiece of post-post-disco, simple as that, to say nothing of the latent storyline. If this mix does not make you want to go out and dance with a beautiful member of the opposite sex, you probably have no pulse. Find it here

Best Reason To Come Home: Rhythmicon – Tonight

One of the terrible secrets behind the stratospheric rise of dubstep is that, like drum & bass, you can turn it in to pure sex, if you want to. Sure, there’s room for savage basslines and huge drops, but there’s also room for honey-dipped vocals, lush pads, and impeccable programming. See the above comments about having no pulse, and you’ll start to get the idea. Get it here.

Best Reason To Wake Up On A Cloudy Day: Ulrich Schnauss – ASIP Exclusive Mix

And, breath out.

The most honorable of honorable mentions to: Hybrid, Booiamrudolf, Matt Edwards, FaltyDL, Wood & Soo, Limbo, Culoe De Song, Lazer Sword, Eskmo, Mr. Scruff, Wesbeanz, Patience Automate & Generic, and Chloe Harris. Love, love, love.