2011: singles of the year

I actually did quite a bit of DJing this year, mostly at UVic and at events around UVic, which gave me a somewhat different take on things. So:

X-Press 2: Lazy ft. David Byrne

Myself, Mike ‘Eclectrix’ Dean and Dan ‘OokPikk’ Godlovitch were doing a lounge thing at UVic for a good piece: I played this track literally every single time, pitched ‘way down from its 2002 speed of 129 or so. Played slowly, it’s a groovy, spacey jam – put it back to flank speed, and it pounds out 100% amazing Balearic vibes.

Azari & III – Manic
‘Hungry For The Power’ didn’t really do it for me: I thought “Oh, cool, New York House is back’ and left it at that. Then this snappy, hi-hat driven monster hit and rapidly became my go-to jam for any time after midnight.

Jacques Greene – (Baby I Don’t Know) What you Want / Another Girl
This is the third time I’ve linked this photo of Mr. Greene this year: he deserves it, as basically everything he’s touched in the past twelve months has been gold.

Honorable mentions to the blazing sci-fi of Actress’ Parallel World, the timeless snap & sleaze of Frankie Knuckles & Jaime Principle’s Baby Wants To Ride, Hrdvsion’s amazing remix of Robin S’s Show me Love…and huge respect to Hannah Read, Julia Easterlin, and Tamsin Wilson for converting me to singer-songwriters during my time in Boston.