2012: shows of the year

Roman Fluegel @ Le Bleury
I literally stumbled over Le Bleury while exploring Montreal. Shows like this make me unlikely to go anywhere else: Deep house/tech, great flow, and just enough “what the hell was that” tracks.

Move D @ Le Bleury
See above. This was their Halloween party, which was so packed as to literally prevent me from moving at times; deeper, housier, more disco than Roman, but just as good.

HRDVSION + Prison Garde @ Sub|Division, Lucky Bar
In addition to all the amazing things I’ve said about the SubDiv crew and parties, you have to give them all the credit in the world for slowly convincing Victoria, BC, to listen to an hour and change of snappy, bleeding edge techno from one of our favorite sons.

Honorable mentions to Exeter’s live set at the RBMA / Sub|Div show, Hawtin at SAT, playing scary techno for a bunch of EDM kids, Rennie Foster at Hush, and the impossible Cenote parties put on by Fossil, Arktic, and OKPK.