20|20|20 – 5

A quarter of the way there, on time!

When life gives you a gospel opener with weird, digital explosions and falling bomb sounds, you make lemonade — and record DJ sets with boogie, synth-jazz, and proto-electro:

1: The First Revolution Singers of New Orleans, La – Soldier In The Army Of The Lord [504]
2: Padlock – Seventh Heaven (Intro) [Island]
3: D Train – Thank You [Prelude]
4: Wally Badarou – Mambo [Island]
// Remarks By The Reverend C. L. Franklin [Atlantic]
5: Herbie Hancock – Earth Beat [Columbia]
6: Strafe – Set It Off (Walter Gibbons 12″ Mix) [Strut]
7: Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock (Instrumental) [Tommy Boy]
// Louis & Bebe Barron – Main Titles & Overture [Warp]