all my friends like to dance: done

Hold on, huuuge image here.  Seriously, it’s big.

Phew.  Told you.  This ridiculous mixtape clocks in at about twenty seconds under two hours, covers everything from ragtime piano to brutally hard techno, and is pretty sublime in spite of it.  You can download it here.  Tracklisting and credits follow.  Thank you to everyone who sent me music – you’re all wonderful people.

0:  Intro
1:  The Dreadnoughts – Samovar
2:  DK8 – Murder Was The Bass
3:  Anamanaguchi – Blackout City
4:  Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
5:  Apollo 440 – Can’t Stop The Rock
6:  Men Without Hats – Saftey Dance
7:  Uri Caine – Rimmon
8:  The Go! Team – Bottle Rocket
9:  The Ting Tings – Shut Up And Let Me Go
10:  The Hood Internet – No Reasons To Like You Better (Amanda Blank vs VEGA)
11:  The Hood Internet – I’m A Flirt (Shoreline)
12:  Wave Machines – I Go I Go I Go
13:  Phoenix – Lisztomania
14:  The Jimmy Swift Band – Turnaround
15:  Delta Spirit – People C’mon
16:  The John Socfield Band – Freakin’ Disco
17:  Eubie Blake – Charleston Rag
18:  Tom Waits – Top Of The Hill
19:  MIA – Hussel (feat. Afrikan Boy)
20:  Little Boots – New In Town
21:  Yelle – A Cause Des Garçons (Riot In Belgium Remix)
22:  Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat (Extended Mix)
23:  Digital Witchcraft – Brindavan (Ambient Mix)
24:  Gotan Project – Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)
25:  The Chemical Brothers – Das Spiegel
26:  Solar Stone – Seven Cities (Solar Stone’s Atlantis Mix)
27:  Phil Collins – The Gorillas
28:  La Bottine Souriante and The Chioains – Le Lys Vert

Music selected by:
Alex Richards, Alia Yeates, Andrew Clark, Cassandra Miller, Charlie Van Kirk, Chelsie Kadgien, Chris Reiche, Colin Moller, Eric Buchanan, Gerald Deo, Hilary Dawson, Hollas Longton, Jennifer Mitchell, Jessy Reynolds, Jordie Yow, Justin Holmes, Kathleen Genge, Kira Hall, Kyle Smith, Marielle Kho, Nadia Pona, Nathan Friedman, Oriane Fort, Ryan Noakes, Shima Takeda, Thomas Del Motte, Vanessa Yaremchuk, Walter Moar.

(Bonus points will be awarded to anyone who can match songs and people.)