and those who were not written into the book of life….

I’ve been reading Warren Ellis’ delightful Transmetropolitan books this evening, thanks to Dave, and as I tend to write like whoever I’ve been reading, I figured it’s time to talk about things I hate. Anyone who has read Transmet will understand this urge. That said, I don’t feel like being that self-indulgent on the internet, and certainly not on a forum that isn’t MySpace.

I would also like to talk about Mr. Ellis, but I’ve really not read enough of his work to do so with any sort of accuracy. Transmet reads so much like Hunter Thompson that Ellis must be going out of his way to do it, especially as what little I’ve seen of Fell does not.

That said, they share the knack for “realism via selective grotesquery” that Thompson used to describe his artist for Fear & Loathing, Ralph Steadman. If Steadman is still alive, he should do some art for Ellis…