Hush Memories

  • AFK:  “First played there when Yoseff snuck me in to play a few records on a Saturday night after a radio gig. After that, Brent Carmichael would invite me down to hang out and play records, and he provided encouragement and great stories. He said one thing to me that helped me stay steadfast in my musical direction – something that I will never forget given Mr. Carmichael’s experience. Later, I started DJing a lot more with Braeden – that was loads of fun and the most vitality I ever saw in Hush. DJing with Hybrid was pretty wild and epic, as was DJing with Shiloh & Luke Chable and the Shattered Fist of Justice, but my favourite nights were the resident nights I did with Braeden, hands down. Great crowd and music with a lineup around the block, it never got better than that.”

  •  Braeden:  “My first gig at Hush was close to its’ opening. I actually started playing for Brent at The Limit, opening on the occasional Wednesday (I think maybe twice this happened). After The Limit migrated to Hush, I became friends with Brent and really wanted to be a part of the club, so I started postering for the club, walking around in the cold and rain for 75 bucks a week, twice a day, 7 days a week. I then was able to pick up a couple of bussing shifts. Luca, Yoseff and Brent were residents on Saturdays at the time. I was able to work with Brent on a regular basis doing posters and helping out with promotion wherever I could. After that I think Luca left and I picked up his early opener slot, playing for free on Saturdays. I was also working at the club most nights, either as a doorman on Sundays, bartending with Joey on Wednesdays/Thursdays or bussing on Fridays. Brent and Jack ended up firing Yoseff and I was able to move into his spot, dj’ing with Brent on Saturdays, which was my goal. Brent also had Andy Weeks playing with us semi-regulaly. That went on for a while, until Brent died suddenly and I took over the head Saturday night position. I think my most memorable Hush experiences were any time Davin and I played together for a Lush vs. PFR night. Always well attended, and the people showed up early to dance.”

  •  Deko-Ze:  “Many many moons ago, I was spinning at a rave in BC. Also playing was a dude named Brent Carmichael. He had some great tunes, great crowd interaction and drink either in hand or very close by – so we got along instantly. He asked me if I wanted to play his club, Rumors, in Victoria and since then, Rumors / Hush has been one of my all time favorite places to play. Carry on!”

  • Kevin Legere:  “My most memorable moment at Hush has to be playing the first Saturday after the passing of Brent Carmichael. I played with Braeden and it was by far the most emotional performance of my life. It summed up everything that I believe DJ’ing should be, a musical experience. That night I shared an emotional bond through music with everyone in the club. It felt like every beat of every song meant something and the energy I received from the dancefloor equaled the energy I gave out. Truly it was an incredible experience that was as sad as it was therapeutic and I felt honored to be able to share that experience with Brent’s closest friends and Hush’s dedicated regulars.”

  • Mat The Alien:  “I’ve really enjoyed playing at Hush. My first show was quite a long time ago (maybe with Killa Kela or Perfect Combination) and it seems to get better and better every time; everything from the sound, the crowd, the staff, the management. I really like the size of the venue and the crowd is always ready to hear new sounds. Probably the most memorable show was in the summer of 2008. It was really hot outside and by accident someone put the heaters on instead of the air conditioners. It was so hot in the my t-shirt grew 2 sizes and condensation was pouring off the roof and people looked like they were at a hot yoga session.”

  • Puck:  “My most memorable Hush experience would have been my last show there before moving back to London. The crowd was sooo awesome that night and I was playing lots of lush melody drivin tracks with a bit of edge to them and it went over a real treat. Felt awesome to hear all of the comments coming from the dance floor that night and that one show in particular will always stand out in my mind. I ended up staying at the club with Dave (Big Dave) and David and a few other staffers for a real long time just enjoying each-others company and putting off the inevitable good bye that was waiting for me after we wrapped it up. Im pretty sure that it was not wanting to say bye that kept me there till around 5 am and when it was finally time to peace, I felt like a part of my being was left there in that club that night. Leaving Vic was that hardest thing Caleigh and I ever did and I cried like a little girl all the way to the ferry. A major reason for that sadness was undoubtedly due to the fact that the times I had with the amazing people I met at Hush over the years would be omitted from my future schedule.”

  • Sunspun:  “Hush is kind of like a wet dream for any young island guy who is insane about electronic music and/or DJing. Ask me how I know? I played Hush off and on from around 2000 to 2003, sometimes fairly frequently and always had an excellent time. It is a great place to see people at their finest. Indeed, it is also a great place to try out new mixes and tracks as the atmosphere is always positive. Positive in the sense that people are there to have a good time and everyone’s idea of that is complimentary. I also always felt there were enough educated ears to understand what was happening behind the decks but at the same time the dance floor was always packed. With all this said my actual concrete memories of events here is strangely enough more like a giant blur. A blur that contains hazy images of things better left un-written however I do think the majority of these happened on one memorable night promoted as “An old school night of Sunspun”. I think the stars aligned that night, everyone got themselves worked into a lather and found one way or another to express their inner whatever. It really was profound. Like I said, it is a great place to see people at their finest. Oh, sweet memories. Thank you Hush.”