i love the house of saud

Obviously, the thing to do with all the terror, war, hate, and general hideousness in the world today is to write an opera about it. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore would be proud:

“With the events of our contemporary world having taken several turns toward the surreal and unbelievable, The Beastly Bombing reflects on these events by approaching them in an equally bizarre way, namely by framing them in the plot mechanisms and music of a Nineteenth Century comic operetta. Inspired by Gilbert and Sullivan, The Beastly Bombing takes familiar elements such as The Mikados crown prince traveling in disguise and The Sorcerers love potions and updates them to present times with undercover presidential daughters and ecstasy pills replacing love potions. Stephen Schwartz, the composer of Wicked and Godspell, called The Beastly Bombing the most offensive and morally unredeemable musical he ever heard.”