interface friday

I’ve kind of had a crush on the Monome for a while, for good reason: It’s totally sick. I had the idea to load each button with a sound, or a MIDI pattern, or a tempo change paramter, or an effect parameter, and so on, with some random organization and some random set of things. The performance would then be this drunkard’s-walk style game of discovering what sort of things are in the interface, then how they’re organized, and then how to make a pleasing sound with them. One could then add proximity based rules and really make shit interesting.

I also had a flash of mad genius when I should have been studying math, and instead watched Hollas play some air violin for a bit. This, obviously, ended with three or four of us sketching out the controls for Violin Hero using the Wii remote and nunchuck, including microtonality, bow position, pizzicato, glissando, and vibrato. But, as you can see, we were (kind of) beaten to the punch. Betcha can’t play Ligetti on that though.