linked lists are the new black

A reminder:  I’m DJing at Sunset this Saturday evening, and then at Hush next Saturday.  Sunset will be techno, Hush with will be full-on madness with DJ What.  You should come.

I got the trade of THE NIGHTLY NEWS, by Jonathan Hickman, a few weeks ago, and I’ve been reading it when not studying for exams.  I wasn’t that impressed by the single that I bought, but the entire book is glorious.  It combines a dissertation about media, trust, belief, and the worst parts of the human spirit with a jet-black sense of humour.  Not the easiest of reads, but well recommended.

Two thoughts on the video game side of things, which I may talk more about later:  is it possible to use video games to teach synthesis of concepts?  That is, is it possible to use the closed system of a game to teach people to look outside of closed systems?

Also, is it possible (and would it be fun?) to make, on a console, a system for creating and sharing D&D-esq adventures?  The underlying game could be anything, but is the ability to deal with user-generated content feasible?

Finally, I hate to use this website for actual personal updates, but:  I’ll be moving to Vancouver for the summer as of the end of April or so.  If you’re going to be in town, drop me a line, do.