I ran a top-secret internet record label for a year!  It released music via GitHub – which I can highly recommend because it really does allow you to erase history.

Rerenderer was at first just a really great name for something.  Then it became clear that it should be a record label … but how do labels even work in 2018?  I had thought about how music moves around the internet a bit, and wanted to do something different, hermetic, and erasable – being able to take things off the internet being an important thing, these days.

Hence, GitHub.  It was an exercise in both ultra-limited self promotion (the changelog for the GitHub repository listed who I had sent the music to, and when), and in first-thought-best-thought music making.

Rerenderer was also a chance to get rid of a bunch of bad ideas (algorithmic edits of Moroccan music), indulge in deep serendipity (buy a morse code record, turn it into a 19-minute nu-beat epic), and generally not do things as perfectly as I tried to do them with my last few projects.

And, of course, any chance to indulge in glitch / science-fiction / internet aesthetics is a good one.

Thanks to the very few people who listened (which was of course the point) – whatever the next thing is, it will be more obvious.