This was originally part of a set that Matt Sinesthetix and I started, in something like 2007. We never finished it, but I turned this into it’s own thing, and used another part in THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. I am deeply in his debt for his influence on these sets: we got pretty cataclysmic. This set, SHATTER turned into a set about madness, nuclear war, and the end of the world.

Download here.

1: Hybrid – Secret Circles [Distinct’ive]
// Burial – Untitled / Outro [Hyperdub]
2: Kenji Kawai – Kugutsuuta Aratayo Ni Kamutsudo Hite [JVC Victor]
// Burial – Wounder [Hyperdub]
3: Fractal – Totem (Pass 1) [Tide Pool]
// Bela Bartok – String Quartet No. 5 – IV [DG]
4: Igor “Two Fingers” Stravinsky – Ascalapha Odorata (Fractal Mix) // Four Tet – A Joy [Warp]
5: Portishead – Machine Gun [Island]
6: Hybrid – I Chose Noise [Distict’ive]
7: Obakeh – Ghosted (AFK Ambient Mix) [Pacific Front]
// Mortar & Pestle – ItsaChickthing (Luke Chable Remix) [Heavy Rotation]
8: Burial – In McDonalds [Hyperdub]