some time, but no longer

Not sure where I’m finding the time to write this, but here’s some worthwhile things:

moonbell:  The Japanese Space Agency recently did a bunch of high resolution surveying of the moon.  So what do you do with the data from that?  Well, you turn the moon into something like a record player, by matching pitch to altitude.  I can’t possibly do it justice – go see for yourself.  (And be sure to click on preferences!  There’s all kinds of things you can do.)

Subcycle Labs is a guy in Portland who may have the best damn performance interface I’ve ever seen.  No lie – this is a must see.

On a much less hip note, Musica Box is a painfully family friendly (but very good) game from Big Fish that asks all sorts of interesting questions about notation, scoring, and musical memory.  Worth a chunk of your time.