still behind on updates, part 3

So now I’ll finally talk about VEMF: It was wonderful.

I drank too much, ate too much, spent too much money on books, and so on. Putting it in Market Square worked very well, although I’m sure the businesses in the square didn’t feel that way. Many, many thanks to Bruce, James, and everyone else who put it together.
Some sets that stood out for:

Tyger Dhula, Main Stage, Saturday. Paddy is an amazing DJ, a really nice guy, and played a lovely set of nice deep, groovy, summery house.
– Condition Red, Jungle Room, Saturday. Reeeeeespect. Clay dug into his overwhelming collection of oldskool, and play it like LTJ did, ten years ago. It was phenomenal – probably my favorite set of the weekend.
– The Firm, Hush, Saturday. The Firm play and make electro that isn’t shitty. They’re a blast to dance to and a blast to drink to.
Psychi, Main Stage, Sunday. I’m pretty sure that Chris was the only one dropping hip hop, and his taste in hip hop has ascended to very potent levels, no doubt caused by his mass of hair. A great set.
Vespers and Veronica, Main Stage, Sunday. Props of the hugest sort are due to Drew for making this show work, and for tightening his production to unreal levels.
Emmanuel Ferraria, Hush, Sunday. E-Man, god bless him, continues to have the best taste in breaks, short of Hybrid and Phil K.

I’ll talk about my set, the wedding, and my seminar on Reason in the next post. Oh, and I think I’m done the dub of ‘Responsibility‘ for PercTrax. Wooo!