the last update that is behind

In addition to everything else I did two weekends ago, I also went to see my friends Tia Vickers and Jesse Maddaloni get married in a graceful, lovely, and touching ceremony. Many, many happy returns.

I also bought books: Gibson’s SPOOK COUNTRY, Ellis’ CROOKED LITTLE VEIN, and Gaiman’s FRAGILE THINGS. Quick thoughts follow:

FRAGILE THINGS is very nice. Nothing of Gaiman’s has been as good as SANDMAN, for me, but there are some really good stories in this collection. I will be very interested in how he returns to writing novels, or if he ever does any longform comics again.

CROOKED LITTLE VEIN is hilarious, cruel, heartfelt, and actually somewhat subtle. It is classic Warren Ellis – which is both a good and bad thing. Some caution is advised for the faint of heart.

SPOOK COUNTRY got loaned to Dave before I even opened the cover. More after I actually read it.