the russians are coming

One of the things I’ve always said is that no one should be allowed to enter politics until they’ve played Civilization:

Not only is it a spectacular game that offers all kinds of insight in to running an city, tribe, empire, monarchy, and so on, it also demonstrates just how easy it is to be horrible to other people. How many of you, when you played it, broke alliances, invaded your allies, and generally drove people underfoot like so much cattle? Do I see some raised hands? Yes, I think I do.

Now there’s a second must-play for all of you who want to rule the world: Defcon:

Defcon, which is roughly a simulation of a global thermonuclear war, is an important game for politicians for two reasons. One, it’s multiplayer. Two, you can alter alliances in the middle of the game. Hello, Machiavelli. The chances for abusive diplomacy are just shockingly high.

So call up your country’s leader and ask them: have they ever tamed all the barbarians and brought peace to the world? Have they ever knocked out all of an ally’s radar with submarines before launching a precise tactical strike, saving their nation in the process?

I mean, I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d vote for anyone who’s done both.