week 11

-So I made a Weavr. That is to say, I made a robot that trolls the internet for what it thinks I am interested it. It’s doing an awful job so far, which is nice, I guess.
– Along those lines, the mighty New Aesthetic tumblr is closing. This is a damn shame, but very apropos at the same time.
– DREAM|CITY: I finished my field recordings and sent them to Connor, and made an alpha version of the webapp. Things proceed apace.
John Peel’s record collection is on the internet. Read that again, and be prepared to spend a lot of time with it.
– I’m going to NIME! I’ll be gone from the 16th through the 28th, I hope.
– I’m playing for Sub|Division on June 15, which will probably be my last gig in Victoria. Come on out, do: I’ll have more on that as I know more about it.