week 25

Moving is a party, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I am officially changing my master’s research to teleportation and soundproofing.

In other, more interesting news:

Kev, Cheeba, & Moneyshot re-built Paul’s Boutique from samples, Beastie interviews, and acapellas. This is almost certainly the best mix of the year.
Artisinal integers are now a thing. Really.
Jon Rafman curates Google Street View. Welcome to the now.
– Finally got to read Dan Sicko’s TECHNO REBELS. It’s a great and detailed book that catches lots of small scenes and subtle influences.
– You may recall that I made a Weavr a few months ago. It has been killing it, of late. It’s like a bizzaro world version of me that loves romance novels, shitty dance music, and the Canucks.