week 38

You’ll notice that I cunningly skipped week 37, due to the McGill Music Hack Day, so we are now at Week 38. Onward!

– I saw McGill Opera do Volpone on Wednesday, with vigour, wit, and skill. It’s an opera that rewards youth and vivacity, which the cast had in spades. The score was not, perhaps as bleeding edge as an opera written in 2004 could be, but it was lots of fun just the same.
– I finished the second of my two explorations into what could maybe be called ‘trap’, but I’m going to just call ‘my continued attempt to be Hudson Mohawke’. They’re trolling among people I trust for feedback now, but I’ll post ’em up soon.
– I collected my discography since I did The World Outside, and I was pretty surprised by its scope: five EPs, seven remixes, and six singles. Will there be another megamix soon? We’ll see.