week 43

Saw Rustie, Oneman, and Jackmaster last night, at Le Belmont. A delightful experience.

Jackmaster was on opening duties, and did a great job: starting with house and garage-ish things, and moving to breaks, dubstep, and etc: I’d very much like to see him in a non-opening context. Oneman followed with much more post/dubstep, trap, hip-hop, and a ridiculous Doves Cry blend.

Then Rustie, who, musically, I had really mixed feelings about: the really vocal stuff was not for me, even though everyone ate it up. But the video-game tracks and the dubbier stuff, ahhhh. Ahhhh! Just insane. I’ve not raved as hard as I did to Hover Traps in a long while.

On the subject of rave, I need to say two words about the crowd. Maybe this was just Le Belmont on a Friday, but the crowd was a treat: a posse of EDM bros, some EDM kids who were high as kites at 11:45, a man dressed as Freddie Mercury, a coven of ultra-classy, ultra-goth lesbians, two gay dudes who spent all night staring at each other and thrusting their hips slowly and meaningfully, a trio of hip-hop nerds with their caps down doing something like Gangam Style vs. the Harlem Shake, and so on. I don’t know if that diversity is an ‘EDM’ thing or a post-dubstep thing or what, but I sure think it is great.