week 7.5

Maybe stretching how we define “week” here, but so it goes.

Julia Easterlin has finally released Eyes On The Prize. It is the best thing.
– There’s a FireFox plugin called Collusion that shows how you are being tracked on the Internet. Essential.
– Google released its Glass video. Valve has one of the coders behind Quake working on wearable computing. A computer simulation of Tupac “performed” at Coachella. The idea of computers mediating our perception of the real world is going to become mainstream very, very fast.
– I got a draft of the third movement of Tornado Songs done! Also had the premiere of Five Rooms For Solo Flute, by Sara Page, and of Ringette, by Alex Richards. I am in their debt.
– I am taking time off from writing the ISMIR paper to write this. It’s due in 48 hours. Go go go!