That was a week, let me tell you. Orchestra readings, string quartet readings, the premier of my setting of The Walrus & The Carpenter, narrating for another composer’s piece, DJing at Crush v.5, and getting abused by the time change.

With that said, Crush was rad, the readings went well, and my piece was a spectacular success. Recordings of the quartet and the orchestra readings follow:

Thor Kell – String Quartet No. 3
This is what happens when you put a Morton Feldman shaped bomb under Brahms’ Lullaby. Many, many thanks to the Bozzinis for doing a wonderful job reading this. Also featuring Mrs. Tubby the teddy bear on music box duty.

Thor Kell – The Chandrasekhar Limit (Excerpt 1)
Thor Kell – The Chandrasekhar Limit (Excerpt 2)

A piece based on stellar evolution, the periodic table, and nuclear fusion. Sounds like me. The first excerpt is the first half of the main section, the second is the development and coda, as it were.