what the haps are

I am playing at the VEMF, on Sunday, August 3rd.  Specifically, I am playing pretty breaks, ambient, and mellow-ish things at Billy’s Bistro, between 4 and 5 pm.  You should come and hear me!  You should also come and hear the rest of the show, which runs from noon to 10 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, in Centennial Square.

I’m also working on a project called SCULPT, which is hip-hop / downtempo / ambient stuff, using only samples from old, orchestrla vinyl and old drum machines.  The result bed tracks are then going to be improvised over by my shockingly talented friends at the UVic school of music.  I will then re-edit those improvisations and beds into finished tracks.  You can hear some of the beds here and here.

The other thing in the works is a an improv jam with the all-powerful Patience Automate.  He plays on his laptop, and I rock out on my two Nintendo DS.  No sync, no pre-planning, no midi.  We’re called Iterate – I’ll have some samples of our jams up soon.