2011: shows of the year

Following up summer of 2010 was always going to be difficult. Luckily, there was some great stuff this year.

Jacques Greene @ Sub|Division, Lucky Bar

Oh man. Not only does Mr. Greene have two tunes in my top singles list, he’s an amazing DJ, wheeling through a comprehensive list of everything good in contemporary dance music, at any tempo you care to name. I said at the time that he restored my faith in dance music: that statement still stands.

Soul Clap @ Make It New, Middlesex Lounge

Boston is not a great town for dance music. However, Soul Clap know exactly what they are doing. Middlesex is a terrible venue for dance music…but the serious dance party that happened in a 15 foot radius around the DJ booth was well worth it.

Soulelujah @ Zuzu
When I said that Boston was a bad town for dancing, I obviously was not including the best dance party in town…which is actually the soul/funk 45″ night at ZuZu. Serious DJ wisdom, great tunes, and a crowd that really, really wants to turn it out.

Honorable mentions of the highest sort to James Blake’s amazing live set at Commodore; to Carl Craig playing Strings Of Life at Lotus and lifting me off the floor; to Claude Von Stroke for being almost the sassiest DJ I’ve ever heard; to Appleblim in NYC for stealing the show, again; and to Danny Krivit for playing amazing house music to a half empty Irish bar near Fenway.