a battle of flowers

A hi-fi psy-fi tribute to Nathan and my friend Liam. Download here.

0: Nathan Fake – The Curfew [Border Community]
1: Limbo – Gazing At My Shoesteps [Tide Pool]
2: Nathan Fake – Fentiger [Border Community]
3: Nathan Fake – Narrier [Border Community]
4: Rcid – 002 [Elefant]
5: Nathan Fake – Basic Mountain [Border Community]
6: Rcid – 003 [Elefant]
7: Nathan Fake – Castle Rising [Border Community]
8: Limbo – Distant From Sealong [Tide Pool]

Also, I am posting things for free, as in beer, on my Soundcloud, in glorious FLAC format. There are selections from my Tide Pool and Pacific Front output, along with most of my bootlegs. Get ’em while they’re hot.