20|20|20 – 1

Aiming for a clear-eyed twenty sets for the year, starting with this one. 1: Karima Walker – Hands In Our Names [Baby Tooth]2: Hite –…



Just realized that the below-mentioned Halal / Ufo show was my 20 year anniversary of being a raver. My 17-year-old self would be proud –…


Ben Ufo with the casual “techno record that switches between 3/4 and 4/4”, what the heck.


Aurora Halal at Nowadays, like ten thousand ultraviolet suns rising

Blade Runner Blues

Sadar Bahar, Barbie Bertisch, Paul Raffaele

The new system at Nowadays feels a little less even, but it sure gets people’s hips into it, my goodness.

functional sequencing

I’ll write a full post about this thing at some point, but for now I am pleased to say that my odd sequencer can run…