begin again

School started today. Oddly enough, the worst part was getting used to a new math prof. Speed, then, is the order of the day:

– I’m playing at Hush on Friday, January 11th, opening up for Shiloh. You should come.

– NYE was fantastic. John Howard and Death To Sexy rocked Hush, then Dust and I brought down the house at the Sunset Room, and then I went to bed. Then I somehow ended up drinking at a friend’s house at 7 PM on New Year’s Day. Ooops.

– Braeden and I are working on a mix. The ball is in my court for tracks 2 & 3: more as it breaks.

– Ideas: If you were a music student, would you want free webspace from the University, as an online resume / promotion space? What if there were mics in all the practice rooms, with a “post to website” button that would upload what you were just practicing to said webspace? What if there were headphone cues in practice rooms, so you could work on your quartet / quintet / sextet across practice rooms, without needing 037 or 016 to be free? Or do you all just want more practice rooms? (Credit is due to David (?) for the micing practice room idea, which is where all of this started.)