Boomtown Victoria Is Closing…

…And the sound of weeping was stunning in its overwhelming silence. I’ve been buying music from there for the past 6 years, they just ordered in Holden’s EP for me, and they’re basically the best organized shop in town, and the only one that order any quantity of anything other than drum & bass or breaks.

And then there was the Reese’s Pieces machine. Mmm. Delicious.

It hurts when “the future” hits home like this. On the one hand, digital distribution is pretty hep, but on the other, the financial destruction of iconic local music shops is an unpleasant thing. I will miss being looked down up by Liam, being directed to excellent music by Paddy, chatting with Scott, listening to scary music with Nathan, and debating the meaning of life with Charles. I will miss lining up at 1000 hours to be the first in the door on new record day. I will miss buying a Sly Stone record, and having the staff members treat me with respect for the first time.

I will, in short, miss having a record store. So it goes.