where did the djing go?

Just a quick word to update the two or three of you who regularly troll this page for DJ sets: I am currently working on a back-and-forth, over-the-internet mix set with local drum & bass legend Sinesthetix / Dr. Gonzo / Matt Saunders. It is, of course, hushmost secret, but I’ll give you a look at the art for it so far:

The other cool thing about this mix (in addition to the fact that we’re sending chunks back and forth over the interweb, and that he plays drum & bass and I play techno) is that we’re scaling it so that, hopefully, it won’t feel like a collection of disparate minisets. I did the first 5 minutes, he gets the next 10, I do 15, he does 25, I do 25, he does 15, and so on down. Hopefully the end result will be suitably epic.