“but what is the secret of orgone, that which men would give their lives for?!?!”

The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison, is totally mad.  It’s like Michael Moorcock took his most sideways Jerry Cornelius yarns and made them all into a Vertigo comic book.  I don’t think that Moorcock’s influence on a generation of British authors can be overstated.
– David Byrne is a bit of a fruitcake, but his discussions about the music industry make for good reading.

– I’ve been having ideas again.  It would be nice if there was a way for me to track and order the music that I actually end up playing when I DJ, as opposed to the music I take with me to each gig, as opposed to my music collection as a whole.  And then sort them by most played, least played, etc.  Traktor / Serator people, do your browsers do this?

– More ideas:  My desktop since I moved back to Victoria has been a pair of fairly abstract images from Desktopography 2.  I’ve also noticed the rise in widgets and counters and information-at-a-glance.  OS X deals with them by hiding them until you summon them up.  What if they were integrated directly into your background though?  A really cliche implementation would be an ocean image that gets stormy as the weather gets worse.  I think a purely abstract version would be better.  Colors & shapes represent your RSS feeds, your friends lists, the weather, your agenda, CPU stats, etc – and they’re all pretty and subtle, but are right there if you need to look at them.

Tide Pool Is Love is this Thursday evening at midnight.  You should tune in.

– I want to do a proper version of LOVE – kind of like The Grey Album, but with nothing but Beatles samples and vocals.  We’ll see how far the idea takes me.