68 to 05

A friend linked to https://www.68to05.com, by Hanif Abdurraqib, on Twitter, and my jaw more than dropped. It’s obviously nice to be able to commission /…

snow day / secret o’keefes

meet me in winter

went west


2022, here we come – any way and all ways, let’s go.

2021: shows of the year

We have, in point of fact, been here for years. But it was still good to be back Musclecars @ Mr Sunday A peak experience….

2021: sets of the year

A complex year, for obvious reasons: a sort of big contrast between the deeply introspective and the huge banger. DJ Python – Virtually Nowadays Not…

2021: albums of the year

And a big year for albums, it seems Loraine James – Reflection I for sure slept on this one, thinking maybe that “Running Like That”…

2021: tracks of the year

Good records, I think. Slim Alli & The Hodi Boys – You Can Do It This megabop from 1970s Nairobi is syncopated in the right…

bossa x MoMa Ready

If I didn’t think it understated his achievement, I’d nominate MoMA Ready as the new Chris Cowie. Bossa Nova has also got to be one…