some things in the way

That need mentioning, as a way of restoring my internet-self to life: NODAL:  A generative composition system, now available for PC. And Yet It Moves:…

Mixtape update / 1001 nights

An update to All My Friends!  If you want to submit music for the mixtape, you have until Monday.  Click here for all the details….

I could watch this all day

Arsenal 7 – 0 Slavia Prague: “This is perfect football.”

touch of the year

And maybe a competitor with Denis Bergkamp for the best touch of all time: Marta, Brazil 4 – 0 USA. The ridiculous thing is that…

i have a crush on cesc fabregas

Here’s why.  A goal, a free-kick to set up a goal, and an assist from open play.  And he’s 20 years old, what a player.

vemf, and brazil vs. spain

Just as a heads up: I’m playing at VEMF, and probably helping out with production seminars. Bring your dancing shoes and questions about compression. Also,…

many things

– I played at Storm Warning this weekend, rocking the opening action. It could have been a more coherent set of trippy, pretty downtempo and…

how to fix soccer

I’ve been watching the U-20 World Cup, and I have been annoyed, as per usual, at the diving and simulation of injury.  This is pretty…

Soccer Today!

The inaugural game of spring soccer is today!  You should totally come.

goal of the season

And here it’s only December. Matty Taylor, for Portsmouth, against Everton: I’d also like to point all you people who think you’re clever towards…