many things

– I played at Storm Warning this weekend, rocking the opening action. It could have been a more coherent set of trippy, pretty downtempo and ambient, but I was really pleased with the tracks I got to play. In other Pacific Front news, my remix of ‘Lost’ should be out in August or so.

– It was also made official that my tune ‘Up’ is coming on on Kompakt as Speicher 52, in early August, with a monumental remix from Perc. Thanks is really and seriously due to Perc for this one, as he did the remix and got it signed. I just provided the original ever-rising sine tone action.

– I get to see Spain play Brazil at the U-20 World Cup on Wednesday! Spain has yet to lose a game, and Brazil has only barely won one, so the smart money should be on Spain. However, things are so swingy at this level that it really comes down to who shows up on the day. Hopefully it won’t be a 1-0 bore.