pretty, pretty fishes

And yes, I am aware than an anemone is not, in fact, a fish.  With that proviso accounted for, this is the first of hopefully…

tdpl12: talon

Now avaliable at, with remixes by Tundra and myself. Click here to hear the clips – click here to purchase. Science prevails once more!

Welcome To The Tide Pool

It is with much fear, trepadition, excitment, and general school-girl-esq giddyness that I announce that TIDE POOL IS LIVE.  (

still being filled with water

Tide Pool is not up and running as of yet, which makes me cry.  That said, the Tide Pool forum exists, and I bet it…


Hello. My name’s Thor Kell. I DJ and produce electronic music under the fairly nerdy alias of ‘Fractal’. You can find lots of sets of…