cats and updates

If you wanted my solo chunk of the CRUSH promo mix, it’s called SHY, and is here!

1: Every – Civilized [Monofleur]
2: Maetrik – Paradigm House [Treibstoff]
3: Babyl-Tr0n – Responsibility (Dub Mix) [Perc Trax]
4: Hrdvsion – The Mohana [Wagon Repair]
5: Inkwell – Knee Socks (Hrvsion Remix) [Inkwell]

I’m also working on a set with Quinn ‘Rhythmicon’ Dawson, of Pacific Dubstep and SubDiv fame. It’s going to be deeeeeeeeeeeep. And I’m so so so close to being done the SCULPT e.p. of orchestra-sampling hip-hop/downtempo. Should have it locked soon.